Gaming connects people and brands. We are the interface.

We are a communication and content agency operating in the Gaming and Sports market. As GOATPixel (Greatest of All Time Pixel), we are part of the Braver Media Group, working closely with the other group companies to offer our customers complete, integrated solutions.

Gaming is inevitable.

In the 18 to 25 age group, it's more common to see gamers on the internet playing videogames than watching sports broadcasts; millennials spend around €95 a month on videogames. Interested brands, agencies and bodies often need a platform to decode the native language of these communities, understand their influencers and help them take their first steps in the market in a concerted manner.

We can help.


We create Integrated Communication Strategies for brands and Influencers, as well as produce Branding and Merchandise for them.

We leverage media campaigns in the biggest Portuguese Gaming and Entertainment hubs. We manage Social Networks and Communities, for both publishers and brands, creating a bridge with the media through Public Relations and Publicity.


We create unique experiences, designing everything from the creative concept through to production, including Brand Activation, Gaming (Sports) Competitions, Conferences, Talks and Workshops aimed at B2B and B2C, both physical and digital.


We produce video and photographic campaigns, TV programmes and digital content. For content creators, we set up the Broadcast and Audio-visual Production, as well as strategies and management for streaming channels (Twitch, YouTube, etc) and Monetisation. 

GOATPixel's portfolio includes some of the biggest national and international brands.

PR e Agenciamento
We talk about some of the most popular games and publishers in the world.
Content Creation
We design and produce unique content on videogames, technology, TV, and cinema
Esports Portugal Awards
We produce the most prestigious electronic sports gala in Portugal
Activations and Campaigns
We provide native activation of brands and advertisers within the gaming universe, in conjunction with the most passionate communities.
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We are Gamers Streamers Moderators Producers Players

We are part of the ecosystem.

We work hand in hand with the content creators, we know and are part of the communities and we know what we want to see and what we don't want to see.

We speak the same language; we know the difference between Kappa and Pogchamp.

We are a natural language interface between this universe and those who want to be part of it, always on the assumption of bringing added value.



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